Life can be messy. Beneath the daily attempt to appear like we have it all together, there lies brokenness. We are marvelously messy and beautifully broken. As a fellow traveler, I welcome myself to the messiness I bring to the table, and I invite you to join me. What would it look like to welcome ourselves to the table in a safe and warm environment – free of judgement?

The therapist-client relationship is based on trust, and it is the necessary firm foundation on which the counseling journey begins. Having traversed through my own struggles, I know firsthand when the pain of life gets too heavy, and we need to confide in someone we can trust. I wholeheartedly believe each one of us deeply longs to be fully known for who we truly are and loved no matter what. 

As your therapist, I will hold your hand as we enter those painful places of woundedness. I never stand high on a mountain and look down, while a client is stuck in the valley. Rather, I descend into the valley alongside of you, and will “be” with you. With experience, expertise, and empathy, I will guide you, and assist your navigation through the uncertainty and fear, while finding freedom along the way. 

I put a great deal of thought in naming my private practice, Journey of Healing Counseling, because therapy is certainly a journey along uneven terrain, as we meander moment-by-moment through our stories of pain and promise to find healing, hope, and wholeness.

You will have the opportunity to be fully seen and heard. This is an invitation to simply show up and sit amidst kindness and gentleness, to uncover, identify, and process what lies beneath the heart’s pain. Healing the mind, body, and spirit is an integral part of the therapeutic process.

Understanding your own story will lead to self-acceptance and self-worth. True healing is possible and empowering. Discovering how to reclaim your voice and speak your truth, brings forth authenticity and inner stability.

I will always hold your story with dignity and respect. I understand our humanness and need for connection. I would be honored to travel alongside of you on your healing journey. 


come join me

“We are not what we do, we are not what we have, we are not what others think of us. Coming home is claiming the truth. I am the beloved child of a loving Creator.”

- Henri J.M. Nouwen